Learning through Summer Writing Activities

The school year may be coming to an end, but the learning never stops. In anticipation of continuing the summer writing and fun, here’s a showcase of the incredible work of our students. From heartfelt stories to informative books, their creativity knows no bounds!

A national journey

Joey embarked on a fascinating new journey through American states. His second book delves into all 50 US states with accompanying images of the state maps.

Joey also decided to send off a high school senior with a heartfelt gift. He and his classmates created a special book in which each student contributed a heartfelt message, capturing memories, gratitude, and well wishes. They also included a group picture for the cover.

Writing with passion

Their teacher, Beverly, shared that keeping the kids motivated, engaged, and focused at the end of the school year is usually challenging. This year, though, they are all excited about creating and printing books with WriteReader!

From books on Avengers to flowers and geography, the students are writing with a passion that parallels one for learning.

Summer writing and learning

Continue the writing streak by encouraging your students to write through the summer!

Here are a few fun prompts to get them started. Remember to check out the summer image bank, too!

  • Write about a beach day gone wrong, where everything that could go awry does.
  • Imagine you’re on a road trip across the country. Write about the sights, sounds, and feelings you experience.
  • Create a story about a group of friends who decide to spend the summer on a deserted island, only to encounter unexpected challenges.
  • Write about a magical summer night where anything seems possible.
  • Imagine you’re a mermaid spending your first summer on land. Write about the joys and challenges of navigating a new world.
  • Create a story about a family vacation that takes an unexpected turn.
  • A scavenger hunt; make a list of items and tick off each as they come across them
  • Imagine you’re a detective on summer break. Write about a mysterious case you stumbled upon during your time off.
  • Create a story about a group of kids who start their own summer camp with adventures and mishaps.
  • A trip to the zoo, aquarium, baseball game, farm, or specialized factory (a chocolate factory or a paper printing press).

Happy writing and reading!

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Learning through Summer Writing Activities

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