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About Us

Write, Read, and become a WriteReader

For more than 200 years, we have taught our children how to write and read in the same way. Still, every fifth child today is functionally illiterate. Being both parents and passionate teachers made us think: Okay, if children can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn. And by creating WriteReader, we have done just that. Children learn by being motivated, not by putting A, B, and C in different orders; they are inspired by telling stories about dinosaurs, Christiano Ronaldo, skateboarding, and pink, fluffy unicorns. So, we let children write books about their big passions without letting correct spelling slow them down or kill their motivation. A teacher or parent then writes the correct spelling, so the focus is on comparing, not correcting. This is pretty much the way we teach our children how to talk.

Our dream is to change lives by changing writing from a potentially losing game into a rewarding experience where children share and become proud writers. Be a WriteReader – Go ahead!

About WriteReader

WriteReader was founded in 2012 by the teacher and author of children’s teaching materials, Janus Madsen, together with marketing consultant Babar Baig and investor Ulrik Jensen.

Janus has developed hundreds of teaching resources and taught children to read for 17 years. WriteReader is based on Janus’ classroom experiences and tested the basic principles of the app for 18 months before development.

The app’s first version was co-financed by the Danish Ministry of Science and Technology, which enabled close cooperation with a team of scientific researchers from the Danish School of Education: associate professor and Ph.D. Jeppe Bundsgaard headed the project, specializing in using ICT in teaching Danish and didactics. The result was an overwhelmingly positive review of the app and its use.

Today, WriteReader is sold in more than 40 countries, and more than 5 million books have been created.

In 2015, WriteReader entered a partnership with Egmont, one of the biggest publishing houses in Scandinavia, and in 2015 was the only non-US company chosen to participate in Intel’s EdTech Accelerator Program.

In 2017, WriteReader won the Renew the Book Program in the Netherlands and was awarded “The Most Innovative Publishing Startup” at the Frankfurt Book Fair with the ContentShift program. Furthermore, WriteReader was recognized for its early learning impact and awarded a grant from NewsSchools Venture in the US.

In 2018, WriteReader received a grant from the Innovations Fund Denmark and the Danish School of Education and Technical University of Denmark to use writing to detect and improve students’ early literacy skills.

Web-Based Learning Platform

WriteReader is a web-based literacy platform for K-12 students. It provides quick classroom management and remote learning, empowering teachers and learners with an easy-to-use tool for implementing evidence-based reading and writing instruction.

It can supplement any curriculum across all content areas with minimal planning and quick steps while motivating learners to become confident, independent writers and readers.

WriteReader’s multimodal book creation platform enables students to become authors while practicing all language domains and provides teachers with a tool that aligns with Science of Reading practices. Built upon years of research, the app is straightforward to use. It is based on ‘learning to read by writing’ and ‘writing and discovering,’ where the learner uses their current level of written language abilities to create books using text, images, and voice and can get a printed copy of their books as well. Teachers can browse through templates and share them easily with their students.

Others can read the books created by the students and thereby give learners, even at preschool age, the experience and joy of using the written language in an authentic and meaningful way.

Here is a complete overview of all WriteReader features.


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