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Based on three fairy tales from the world famous fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen, we have developed illustrations and a lesson plan with a number of varied writing prompts for different elementary school grade levels.

The three selected fairy tales are:

• The Ugly Duckling
• The Nightingale
• The Little Match Girl

If you would like your students to create their own fairy tales based on the tales mentioned above, you can download our Hans Christian Andersen Lesson Plan.


Diversity Lesson Plan

WriteReader is proud to be part of a global community, which stands for promoting and welcoming diversity. With this as our foundation, we humbly offer a Diversity Lesson Plan to add to the important conversations that so many leaders in the community have already started. The goals of this lesson plan are for children to:

May this ring true for all of us so that we all can live together in harmony!

You can access or download our Diversity Lesson Plan.


Gratitude Lesson Plan

Expressing gratitude need not be limited to seasonal celebrations. We can show and feel gratitude every day. In fact, scientific research shows that people who are grateful are happier and healthier human beings. As parents and educators, that’s exactly what we want for children too. We can help them to take notice of all the wonderful things in life and teach them the language of a thankful heart. This lesson plan gives you ideas for accessing background knowledge, sparking heartfelt discussions, and inviting young writers to express their gratefulness in creative ways.

If you would like to create a culture of gratitude in your home or school, you can download our Gratitude Lesson Plan.



Fair Play Lesson Plan

Children can develop their social-emotional learning in the gym and on the playground, as well as in the classroom and at home. It’s equally important that they understand the elements of fair play, which requires respect, sportsmanship, and teamwork. WriteReader’s Fair Play lesson plan gives you ideas for pre-writing activities to activate prior knowledge or develop background knowledge. There are also several suggestions for writing topics and tips for young writers. Our custom fair play image bank provides the children with easy access to engaging photos to help stimulate their thinking and enhance their writing. The lesson is suitable for use at sports clubs, home, or school. As always, we provide fillable fields (once the plan is downloaded to a computer) so that you can customize it, according to your team or class. Ready, set … play!

You can download and access the Fair Play lesson plan here. 



“All About Me” Lesson Plan

We all have different inner and outer qualities that make us special, and it’s important for children to recognize this. Research regarding the social-emotional core competencies informs us that positive self-awareness promotes better choices and pro-social behaviors. So, it’s equally important for adults to affirm each child’s uniqueness. For this reason, we’ve created a lesson plan called “All About Me,” which is especially geared towards Pre-K to Grade 1 children. Our lesson plan gives ideas for fun activities while integrating social-emotional learning (SEL) with emergent literacy development. We hope that your young learners will enjoy these activities as they become more self-aware.

You can download or access the All About Me Lesson Plan.


Emotions and Emojis Lesson Plan

We all love using emojis in our texts and emails or adding them as stickers on photos. Educationally speaking, they can also be useful in helping children to interpret facial expressions and express their own feelings. The learning can be further extended by matching the expressions with the correct tone of voice. With this in mind, WriteReader has created a new lesson plan for teachers and parents about “Emotions and Emojis.” We’ve got you covered in all the essential aspects of helping your students grow in their social-emotional learning and the development of their literacy skills!

You can access or download the Emotions and Emojis Lesson Plan.



Ideas for daily or weekly activities (K-5)

The structure and support functionality of the learning tool WriteReader enables kindergarten to 5th-grade students to produce and share multimodal books with images, text and sound – regardless of their written capabilities. WriteReader can be used with almost any theme and genre, as the teaching frameworks are defined and created by the teacher and the content is created by the student.

Examples of suitable and relevant models for the target group can be describing daily events, for example.

Get more ideas from our blog post Inspiraton for meaningful writing activities.

General ideas

Before writing

Assess whether the students would benefit from taking pictures to be used in the book at home. In this way, time at school is spent solely on writing.

While writing
After writing

Common Core Standards (K-5)

The following writing standards can be accommodated with WriteReader and the above themes/ideas:


Text Types and Purposes:
Production and Distribution of Writing:
Research to Build and Present Knowledge:


Grade 1


Text Types and Purposes:
Research to Build and Present Knowledge:

Grade 2

Text Types and Purposes:
Production and Distribution of Writing:
Research to Build and Present Knowledge:

Grade 3

Text Types and Purposes:
Production and Distribution of Writing:
Research to Build and Present Knowledge:
Range of Writing:


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