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White Label

White Label Literacy & Book Publishing Application for Publishers, Libraries, and Brands

Are you looking for new ways to leverage your content in schools or engage with young children and their families?

WriteReader provides its award-winning application, which has been proven to improve literacy by fostering children’s creativity, as a SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution. Third parties can easily set up fully-branded and easily-managed experiences to quickly get to market.

Using the WriteReader White Label Solution, you can:

  • Teach children to read by enabling them to write, share, and publish their own digital books
  • Transform screen-time into a positive, active learning experience shared among friends and family
  • Provide an interactive, digital companion to more traditional publications and media
  • Enhance existing digital products or amplify your brand with a high- retention, engaging product

Publisher Case Study: Gyldendal Education

Challenge: Gyldendal is Denmark’s largest educational publisher and was looking to add value to its paper-based, primary education curriculum. Schools have increasingly deployed computers/tablets and were actively seeking digital learning activities. This represented both a threat and an opportunity to the incumbent publisher.

Solution: After evaluating several alternatives, Gyldendal decided to use WriteReader’s White Label Solution to power an early childhood literacy offering called “Skriv og læs” (Write and Read) which it made available as an add-on and a stand-alone product.

Success: More than 50% of all schools in Denmark now use “Write and Read.” Teachers, administrators, and parents have been delighted with the increased student engagement and improved academic outcomes they are seeing through the use of this product. For Gyldendal, the WriteReader White Label Solution provided a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to retain customers and increase revenues by bringing a compelling digital experience to market.

The WriteReader White Label Solution includes:

  • Branded online platform and book printing
  • Customized image bank
  • Full localization in any language
  • Analytics setup and user data reporting
  • Hosting and maintenance – no technical resources required
  • Integration with third-party logins, including Google Classroom
  • Support for major browsers and a fully-optimized mobile experience.

Creating the next generation of life long fans

WriteReader’s Fan Engagement platform is a digital multimodal book creation platform where young fans can create digital books about their favorite teams and players while increasing their literacy skills. With a white label solution, rights holders can enable fans to interact with their customized content and engage young fans and families.

Key value for sports clubs and federations

Fan recruitment: Increase users and average user time on website for young fans and families with up to 20 minutes.
24/7 engagement: Activate fans before, on and after match days.
Sponsor value: Get sponsors involved in co-branding and activation through storytelling events.
Content creators: Empower your fans to create original fan-generated content to share on the clubs social channels.
Community engagement: Help create a fun, positive solution for literacy in your community and strengthen social responsibility while teaching children key values of fair play, anti-racism, etc.
Fan data and analytics: Real-time actionable data and insights about young fans interests.
Plug & Play: Fully hosted, managed and customized solution. No technical resource required by the rights holders.

Taking brand engagement to a new level

WriteReader offers a unique fan/brand engagement experience which enables athletes, teams and clubs to focus on the moments where the biggest impact can be made for the brand.

  • Own your fan relationship
  • Empower fans to share and create lasting memories
  • Further entrench your brand in community giving
  • Activate your fan base
  • Recruit the next generation of life long fans

Experience the innovation of fan engagement which leads to the “connected” fan.
Amplify your brand with a high retention, engaging product which increases children’s literacy skills while increasing your brand engagement.

Year-round fan engagement activities

Writers contest: Frequently events with the opportunity to select and award young fans with merchandise, surprise-visits from the players, signing of books etc.
Display books: Showcase selected books at the arena/stadium and on the club website to motivate and inspire others.
Meet and greet: Write and read sessions with players and fans.
Outreach to schools: Offer the solution to schools for free and teach key fair play values.
Unique dad moments: Get parents involved and have them create books together with their kids.
Book ideas: Personal game reports/analysis, match programs, players biographies by the young fans.


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