Remote Learning with WriteReader

Remote Learning with WriteReader

Inspiration and guides for remote learning.

WriteReader is a scientifically-based book creator platform that is easy to use for you and your students. Find below three blog posts and a book with over 20 ideas for remote writing activities that will motivate and engage your students. You will have a complete overview of your students’ books and can provide feedback remotely.

We might have to be apart, but with WriteReader, we are still together!

Janie Hachen, 2nd grade teacher, Kansas, US

Why use WriteReader for remote learning

  • Get started in minutes
  • Easy to use for both students, parents, and teachers
  • Scaffolding templates
  • Simple feedback and notification system
  • Works on all devices – e.g. desktops, tablets and smartphones
Free Remote Learning with WriteReader
Here is an easy and proven guide for educators on how WriteReader can benefit your efforts in remote...
Remote Learning in Elementary School
Remote, virtual, distance, or hybrid learning have become the reality for many students these days. Over...
Remote Learning with 1st graders
As a first grade remote teacher, it’s important to me that my students have the opportunity to write...


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