Why download and print students’ books?




When students create books in WriteReader, they experience great joy and motivation by creating their own digital books. The motivation is further strengthened when students find that their books will be downloaded, printed and then shared with friends, family, or others who can benefit from reading them.

Additionally, sharing books allows students to understand the importance of written language as a means of communication, which enables them to share experiences and knowledge with others regardless of time and place.

The experience of sharing authored books will also increase motivation to learn to write and to use and acquisition of written language.

WriteReader offers the following options to download and print books of the students:


Download (full page)

If download is selected, a PDF with full pages of the students’ book are generated. Additionally, the date of the creation of the book is automatically generated and printed on the back cover. The information is valuable as it helps to document the student’s ongoing progress – both for the student as for parents.

Downloaded books can be:

  • Mailed to family and friends
  • Printed and hung up in class or in the hallway as wall books


Print (booklet)

If print is selected, a PDF is generated, that automatically sets up the pages so that if printed on front and back, they can be folded into small booklets. The booklets are also automatically dated on the back cover.

The booklets can advantageously be printed out and used as:

  • Gifts for family members
  • Books for reading in class
  • Lendable books in the school library


Teacher feedback

The possibilities are numerous and above you can read how a 1st-grade teacher use and how her students benefit from WriteReader’s download and print functionality.

My students like to print and download books, to show everybody their hard work. We hang their books outside the classroom for their families and friends to read. They are so proud to have a print copy of the book they just created.

Dawn Daley, West Rutland School, Vermont, USA




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Why download and print students’ books?

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