Six Ways to Use WriteReader in the New Year


It’s hard to believe it is already 2022! At this point in the school year, most of us are looking to try new ideas in the classroom to get kids (and ourselves) re-energized about learning! Yes, WriteReader is free and easy to use but it is also an awesome literacy tool that is scientifically proven to increase students’ reading/writing level. It’s even easier to use and onboard your students with one click through Google Classroom.  With that reminder, read on to find six ways to use WriteReader in the new year!


Below you will find a list of ideas you can use tomorrow in your K-5 classroom:

  1. Write a story featuring your favorite cartoon or comic character.
  2. Create an inspiration book that highlights your #oneword goals for 2022.
  3. Write a book showcasing your favorite activities on a snowy day.
  4. Write and illustrate a song or a poem. Use one page per stanza and use the audio feature to record your masterpiece!
  5. Play the image detective game, and create your own using uploaded images that have personal relevance to you. Can your fellow mates figure out the truth?
  6. Make a recipe book of your favorite dish. Document the process using the photo feature.

Remember, once students create books, you have the ability to share them by publishing through “Book Link” or using the Reading Rooms.


Why would you want to have the ability to download and print a book?

Document students’ work and progress.
Share books with teachers, parents, and/or friends.
Books make a great gift and instill a sense of pride and motivation in students who become authors of their own creations.

As a teacher or parent, you can upgrade to a premium account for unlimited printing and downloads.

Per Teacher/year: $39 (all taxes included)
Per Group/year: $19 (all taxes included)

For more details, refer to our pricing models here.

Happy reading AND writing!


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Six Ways to Use WriteReader in the New Year

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