Celebrate Ramadan, Faith, and Writing with WriteReader

The holy month of Ramadan is perfect for encouraging young students to reflect upon diverse beliefs and traditions, and celebrate Ramadan, their culture, faith, and writing. With WriteReader, students have complete autonomy to create and share their own experiences and thoughts in a safe environment.

Prayer journals

Every year, I encourage my students to create and maintain a ‘Ramadan journal’ to reflect on at least one new thing they have learned this month. This year, my class decided to create ‘prayer journals’ to share the different prayers unique to each of their families.

Celebrate Ramadan by creating prayer journals.

Students created their personal prayer journals using different page types. They then used the audio feature to record and add the prayers in their original Arabic forms.

The book creation was made even more accessible with the integrated image bank and writing prompts for Ramadan, and the students just loved seeing their culture represented!

You can read Fizza’s prayer book here.

Eid cards and food books

One of the things that my students love the most is Eid, the time when they get to create and gift extremely creative and heartfelt Eid cards. This year, they made books for each of their friends and family members with personal messages and wishes, then used the print feature to print out PDFs and gift them as Eid ‘cards’!

Celebrate Ramadan by creating Eid cards.

They also loved creating food books and recording what they enjoyed for Sehr and Iftar. Most of them added custom pictures using the image upload feature.

Celebrate Ramadan by creating Sehr and Iftar books.

My class was introduced to WriteReader last year, and they’ve been having a blast creating and sharing books ever since! I’m so happy to see them learn and grow.

Happy writing and reading!

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Celebrate Ramadan, Faith, and Writing with WriteReader

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