Holiday Gift Books

Writing about the holidays is such a great way to spark students’ imaginations and engage and motivate young authors. Why not repurpose this writing into personal gift books for students’ families for the holidays? This will be a special gift that families will treasure for years.


Write Holiday Stories

Your students can use WriteReader to create imaginative stories about the holidays, or personal narratives sharing about their own favorite experiences. These books can be used to celebrate their families and special traditions in their homes. You can pick a class “theme” that they will all write about or let students select their own topics.

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Here are some holiday writing  ideas:

  • Family Traditions for the Holidays 
  • My Family is the Best Because …
  • World’s Best Mom/Dad/Sibling
  • The Best Holiday Ever
  • Their own twist on ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
  • A special holiday family recipe
  • Adventures of their Elf on the Shelf (or other holiday character)
  • A gift they would like to give

Festive Images

The winter holidays image bank categories in WriteReader provide an array of copyright-free images that students can add to their books. They can also use the camera to upload drawings or to personalize their books by adding real photos of their family members, Christmas trees, pets, favorite toys, etc. Students love taking photos of things that are important to them, and their families will love how personal these stories are.


Printing Books

Students love seeing printed copies of their books and will be thrilled to gift a “real” copy of their books to their families for the holidays. Once books are complete, click “Print & Download” to print student books. These can be wrapped and gifted to families for the holidays!


We hope your students and their families will treasure these books for years to come. 

Happy Holidays!

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Holiday Gift Books

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