The Power of Student-led Learning

As an educator, there’s nothing more rewarding than witnessing the power of student-led learning and a student’s journey of discovery. Joey, a young historian in the making in kindergarten, used WriteReader to embark on a fascinating exploration of U.S. Presidents.

A passion for presidents

Joey, a 6-year-old student, decided to write a book about the Presidents of the United States. For two weeks, he diligently researched each president, using a stack of president cards and filling in the gaps with information from the internet. He found pictures of most of the presidents on WriteReader and took photos of his cards for the rest.

Throughout his research, Joey’s curiosity shone brightly. He asked insightful questions like why some presidents served longer than others, why Grover Cleveland was president twice, and why John F. Kennedy wasn’t president for four years. These are remarkable questions from a 6-year-old boy, showing his deep engagement with the topic.

Inspiring his peers

Joey’s enthusiasm was contagious. After he presented his book to the class, it inspired his classmates to write their own books. This ripple effect is a testament to the power of peer learning and the impact of a single project.

Writing with a purpose

WriteReader, a tool for student-led learning, provided Joey with the platform to research, write, and create his book independently. He was able to use the platform’s features, such as the text-to-speech function, to enhance his learning experience. He went back to edit the names of the presidents, ensuring they start with capital letters, demonstrating the iterative process of writing. After creating his book, Joey was able to name all of the Presidents – from the first one to the last one. That’s an accomplishment for a kindergarten student! He is now working on a book about the 50 states and is inspiring others to create their own books.

His teacher, retiring at the end of May, shared, “Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to have the kids print their books this year. I appreciate it more than you can imagine!”

Joey’s story is a shining example of how writing with a purpose can ignite a love of learning and empower students to explore their interests. As we celebrate his achievement, we’re reminded of the boundless potential every student holds to make their mark on the world. Here’s to more young historians in the making!

Beverly Musil is a kindergarten teacher at Huntington Elementary School in Brunswick, OH. She has spent years passing on her passion for learning to her students and plans to finally retire this year and enjoy other pursuits.

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The Power of Student-led Learning

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