Take Flight: Collaborative Writing about Birds with WriteReader

As a Library Media Specialist, collaborating with classroom teachers is my passion. So when the first graders began to build literacy skills by engaging in an in-depth study of birds, this was a perfect opportunity to teach research skills. As a culmination of their shared research, the classroom teacher and I decided to integrate the writing standards by using WriteReader to create a book written by each group of students based on their research.



Bird research

As the classroom teacher is teaching about the bird family, in the media center, we work on completing whole group research using the PebbleGo Database. Next we will group the students and have each group select a bird to research from our database. Students will use a bird research report graphic organizer to find specific information. When the research is complete, each group will collaboratively use a WriteReader template to write a book about their chosen bird.



Templates, merge books and standards

Using a teacher created template, each student can contribute pictures and text about their selected bird.

Via the merge books feature, the teacher can then group students’ books into a common book for the class or into a number of group books.



This writing will coincide with first grade writing standards W.1.4, W.1.5, and W.1.6. It will also incorporate literacy standards RI1.6, RI1.7, L.1.2 and a multitude of information and technology standards.


WriteReader creates avid writers

WriteReader is one of my favorite tools for student writing. I have been using it for several years, with students from kindergarten to fifth grade, and special programs students. I also had a high school volunteer who was assisting with one of my lower grade classes ask to be added to one of my classes so he could write a book for one of his classes! After introducing this platform to my students, I have seen them become avid writers, and now they write for the love of writing. I collaborate with classroom teachers and special area teachers to have their students create books too. Most notably my AIG (Academically Gifted) teacher and I collaborated on a project.



Be sure to check back for pictures and the reading room for my first graders’ Bird Books.

By Sharon Hart, Library Media Specialist Forestville Rd. Elementary School, Knightdale, NC @sjhart


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Take Flight: Collaborative Writing about Birds with WriteReader

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