SUMMERTIME and the Writin’ is Easy

Avoid summer slide and keep your students engaged in Reading and Writing during the summer!

Every summer is filled with stories–and WriteReader is making it easy for young children to write about them. Make this a summer of creativity, learning, and remembering good times through writing!

Get started as a teacher:
Sign up for a free account at and set up your class. Provide the automatically generated class code to your students so that they can start. Help students find interesting topics based on their interests and experiences. For inspiration, take a look at the sample lesson plans

Get started as a student:
Get a class code and name from your teacher and write a book about whatever interests you. After you finish, ask for feedback from either your teacher or a parent. Your teacher can publish your books on the Kids Library. Teachers can publish the books through teachers dashboard on

We are here to help:

Happy Summer from WriteReader!

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SUMMERTIME and the Writin’ is Easy

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