Make Writing Fun & Engaging with WriteReader’s Multi-Sensory Learning Approach

My class has been using the WriteReader tool for the past three years. At the start, I used it to make writing fun and motivate my students who needed a push to complete a multi-paragraph writing piece. I started with the basic version of this tool, but looking at the interest my students began to develop in this tool, I decided to upgrade to the premium version. And, to date, I am super glad about this decision!

A transformative tool

My students were overwhelmed when they first saw their self-authored books. The response from my students’ families was equally rewarding. Even three years later, my past students talk to me about the books they authored in my class a couple of years ago. WriteReader enables students to track their writing progress over time and provides them with a sense of achievement and motivation to set goals for improvement.

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Ever since I started using WriteReader, there has been no looking back. Because of this tool, my students are more than willing and excited to learn about the different forms of writing- narrative, expository, persuasive, etc.- as they look forward to typing the same with illustrations. As a reward, I give them a printed copy of their self-authored book!

Personalization, feedback, and publishing

WriteReader is an excellent platform that provides students of all ages with a user-friendly interface, enhancing their writing skills. As an educator, I highly recommend it for students of all ages. This tool has improved my students’ writing skills and fostered a love for different forms of writing. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for students to navigate and create their own books with personalized illustrations and makes writing fun. One of the amazing features of this tool is its ability to support multi-sensory learning, thus making it ideal for visual and auditory learners alike.

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Moreover, it offers a range of templates from which the students can choose. It also provides valuable support to students by enhancing their writing skills, boosting their creativity, building their confidence, and improving their writing skills. It provides a supportive environment for students to write, receive feedback from the educator, and showcase their work. Getting prompt feedback from teachers and peers and showcasing their completed stories/ writing to their peers motivates them even more!

A game-changer in the classroom

This tool has become invaluable in my teaching tools, helping my students develop essential writing skills interactively and engagingly. Overall, by incorporating interactive features, personalization options, feedback mechanisms, creativity prompts, publishing opportunities, and progress-tracking capabilities, this tool effectively motivates students to indulge in meaningful writing, thus making the entire writing process more engaging, rewarding, and purposeful!


Mrs. Yvette Dsouza is an experienced and passionate educator at Regina Catholic School Division, based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. She has 15+ years of teaching experience and currently teaches science and math to grade 4 and 5 students.


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Make Writing Fun & Engaging with WriteReader’s Multi-Sensory Learning Approach

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