Supporting ELL students with WriteReader


In my experience, WriteReader is the most appropriate and effective resource to use with our diverse students.


Emily Francis, ELL/ESL teacher


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WriteReader is the perfect tool for ELL students because it enables them to tell their stories while practicing all four language domains:

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Speaking

WriteReader key components for ELL teachers

  • Phonological and orthographic facilitation with letter names and letter sounds
  • Variability in learning needs with speech to text and text to speech – presets for individual students
  • Customization of templates that are easily shareable with students 
  • Wide variety of template books in the template library for an easy start
  • Picture books with labels to practice vocabulary
  • Scaffolded writing with creation of sentence starter books and related writing prompts
  • Educator text field to mirror the student writing input and provide assisted spelling as an alternative to invented spelling
  • Development of critical and creative thinking, collaboration, cultural development, and other key 21st century skills 
  • Publishing, peer reading, sharing, and documenting student portfolios to track development
  • Optimization for all devices, including mobile


Video description: Quick overview of how ELL teachers are using WriteReader to enable ELL students to create and tell their own stories while learning to read and write. 


Filling the Gap for ELL students

Read about how Emily Francis is using WriteReader with her ELL students.



Personally and culturally writing

Check out this dual language book created by Emily Francis and her ELL students, who embrace and validate the students’ background and culture.



Cultural Development

With this last Emily Francis quote, we wish all ELL students and their teacher a stunning and happy writing time with WriteReader.

I embrace the idea of creating a classroom culture that values students’ language and culture. Thank you, WriteReader for providing educators with a fabulous tool to validate our students.

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