Write and Read to Celebrate World Book Day

World Book Day is celebrated each year on April 23rd, and was created as a day to appreciate authors, illustrators, books and reading! WriteReader helps you and your students engage in activities where they can WRITE and READ to celebrate this special day.



Reading rooms

When students are given the opportunity to write using WriteReader, teachers can share a selection of student books digitally using a Reading Room. A Reading Room lets teachers generate a link that can be shared with friends, family and other classrooms so they can read the students’ books.



Premium WriteReader users can click the “Reading Rooms” button, then create a World Book Day Room. Select which books to include, then “copy link” to share with others. Sharing a Reading Room is a simple way to celebrate students’ writing. It’ll also encourage them to read one another’s books on World Book Day. Learn more about Reading Rooms here.



Printing student books

Students can use WriteReader to create digital books to share with their friends and family; but did you know that WriteReader books can also be easily downloaded and printed to share, touch, read and display? In the midst of our digital world, there is something special to students about seeing a book that they have created printed and ready to share and read!



Download & print

When a book is completed, it can be downloaded as a PDF and printed. Choose “Print & Download”, then make selections from the menu on paper size, format and text.



You can print books on cardstock for more durability. Teachers could also solicit donations to pay a local printing company to publish the books on high quality paper or with a hard cover. A school district in Billings, Montana, USA was able to work with their district’s grants writer to receive funding from a local bank foundation and the Friends of the Library foundation to cover the cost of printing 150+ student books for display in the public library.


Displaying printed books

Once printed, you can share and display the books. Perhaps in your classroom library, school or local library, where friends, family and community members can borrow the books to read on their own. Consider a World Book Day display where these students can be celebrated as authors, and enjoy reading one another’s stories. Organizing a book fair would be the perfect opportunity to showcase this event, and allow young students to become real authors of books.

Being able to physically touch their books, turn the pages, read and share their stories increases students’ motivation and interest in books. It also encourages a passion for literacy and the written language to create books themselves from an early age.



Reach out to  if you are interested in hearing more about how we can help you conduct a book fair.

Happy writing and reading!


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Write and Read to Celebrate World Book Day

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