The Impact of WriteReader on Students with Learning Disabilities

I began using WriteReader after our state educators’ conference in October. My students immediately took to it and began filling our virtual bookshelf. I especially have loved using the Writing & Reading Utility Settings, which allow me to differentiate support for each of my students.

Adding the speech-to-text component has made it so much easier for my students to get their ideas into their books because they don’t have to worry about spelling words they aren’t familiar with. This allows them to focus on their stories and the content of what they want to say. WriteReader allows me to turn these features on for the students that need them. 

Students love WriteReader

In second grade, with students who are struggling readers and writers, having this option available opened a world of possibilities. One of my students who has Autism and struggles to get his ideas out of his head, created a farm animal picture book that was 30 pages long. We printed the book and he reads it every week. He was so excited to see his work in print. He’s made 2 books since then and loves using Write Reader.

Click here to read Kruz’ Farm Animals book

New opportunities for struggling writers 

In 4th grade, I have a student who loves to write but struggles so much with spelling that writing has always felt like a chore. Now, with WriteReader and speech-to-text options, this student is able to write detailed stories that he’s proud to share with his classmates. 

In my experience, WriteReader:

  • makes writing fun
  • gives students the opportunity to see their work in print
  • allows creativity without hassle (limited options, unlimited creativity)
  • makes students feel proud of their writing & reading

I am happy to have access to this tool in my special education classroom, to give my students more opportunities to write and share their learning in creative ways.


By Jenifer York
Special Education Teacher
Broadwater Elementary
Billings, Montana, USA

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The Impact of WriteReader on Students with Learning Disabilities

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