School Year Memories

Creating memory books allows students the opportunity to reflect on their learning experiences from the year in authentic, meaningful ways. Providing space for students to share favorite moments gives them powerful ownership over their own learning, and helps them to process the important milestones, achievements and memories from the year.


Click here for the template


Memory Book Template

Use the School Year Memories book template in the WriteReader template library to provide a framework for this memory making in your classroom.



In the Template Library, select the book and choose “Use”. Once the book is added to your bookshelf, you can edit it to make any necessary adaptations for your class. Then, toggle on the “Templates” button so your students will see this book as a choice when they sign in and start to create a book.



Sharing Memories

The book template provides students with frameworks for sharing favorite moments, memories and reflections from the year. Encourage them to insert images using the image bank or search features. Better yet, students can upload photos from their devices, or use the camera to insert pictures from their classroom to make the stories even more personal and meaningful.



Connect with New Grade Levels and Teachers

These books can also be a wonderful way to connect students with their new grade levels and teachers next year. What a great way for teachers to learn about the students that are coming into their classes next year by reading their stories, learning about their likes and dislikes, challenges and strengths. Teachers can create a Reading Room of these School Year Memories books and share the link with the upcoming grade level, or share individual book links with certain teachers.


Click here to read Myah’s book


We hope these memory books will be special treasures that you and your students will enjoy reading and sharing with others over and over again! If your classes create any books, we’d love to see what they write. Share on Twitter or Instagram and tag @writereaderapp to be featured on our social media accounts.


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