Peace, Love, Joy

There are such wonderful celebrations and traditions around the world at this time of the year, like Mawlid, St. Nicholas Day, St. Lucia Day, Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa. As a result, children are very excited and have a hard time waiting (much less sleeping). Parents and teachers can help children to count the days until/ during these holidays. Children can use WriteReader to create a book with funny stories or a favorite song. With the help of an adult, children can also write about counting their blessings and the meaning of the holidays.

Here are some suggestions:


  • Some holidays last over a period of a few days. Write a page about your family’s traditions on each night of the celebration.
  • Many celebrations incorporate the theme of light from candles, lanterns, or stars. How many candles or lanterns are there? What do they mean? What do they mean to your family?


  • Write a ’Wish List’ book with a page each for the gifts you are giving.
  • Will you make or buy the gifts?
  • Who are they for?
  • Why are those people special to you?
  • Does your family give to those in need at this time of year?
  • Are there gifts that we receive that we can’t make or buy?
    peace is
    love is
    joy is


  • Create an Advent calendar bulletin board with positive messages. (If you teach at a faith-based school, you may wish to add special verses.) Open a new door each day.
    advent calendar

Songs & Stories

  • Make a song booklet with a page for each of the ’12 Days of Christmas.’
  • Be creative and write a biography/ character description for each of Santa’s 8 reindeer.
    12 days

Just as we honor children’s emergent writing, let’s also honor the celebrations of all children in our communities. They can’t wait to tell us all about it!

See advent calender video.

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Peace, Love, Joy

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