25 Mar 2020

Here is an easy and proven guide for educators on how WriteReader can benefit your efforts in remote and home learning while the schools are closed.

home learning

Based on experience and positive feedback from teachers, parents and students, here are some of our most successful remote learning ideas for ear...

Scaffolding Writing with Book Templates
14 Mar 2020

Have you ever gone on vacation hoping to see a world-renowned structure, such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa or Big Ben, only to discover that it is under restoration? The entire structure is hidden from view by the scaffolding and tarps. While that may be disappointing for a tourist, scaffolding is e...

Explicit Instruction and Discovery Learning
24 Feb 2020

There’s been a lot of discussion lately over explicit instruction vs. discovery learning (eg. inquiry, student-directed, Reggio, Montessori), especially as it relates to literacy pedagogy. However, in a compelling video, Dr. Anita Archer gives a thoughtful response to this. She states that we have...

24 Feb 2020

Alla lärare, pedagoger och elever i F-3 på Henån skola i Orust kommun genomförde i januari och februari ett projekt med lärandeverktyget WriteReader. Över 600 böcker skrevs och cirka hälften av dem blev utskrivna till en stor bokmässa på skolan. Booklets

Projektet varade i en 7-veckors period och var inde...

Celebrating Diversity
05 Feb 2020

Imagine attending a graduation banquet where the graduates are wearing the same dresses and suits, all in exactly the same color. Wouldn’t this be odd? It would feel more like a dystopian gathering than a celebration. Now imagine going to a symphony concert and there are fifty clarinetists on the st...

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