24 May 2020

Next to quality instruction, specific feedback is a major factor in promoting growth in student writing. Research tells us that vague comments such as “good job” do little or nothing to help a student progress.


Many teachers do their best to provide “glow & grow” statements or hold regular 1:...

11 May 2020

Our imagination produces limitless unique and wonderful dreams and ideas. Children, especially, have that wide-eyed wonder and love to share their thinking. The most common ways for them to do so is through talking, creating (eg. drawing, building), and writing.

clay crocodile playmobil

Communicating Our Thinking

A p...

Remote Learning Impact with WriteReader
21 Apr 2020

By Janie Hachen, second grade teacher at Cottonwood Elementary in Andover, Kansas.

I am always looking for fun ways to engage students in reading and especially writing. Sometimes students love to read and tell about books, but it is harder to get them to type or write their thoughts. A couple ye...

Learning at Home with WriteReader
06 Apr 2020

During this time of remote teaching, parents and teachers are being creative in their approach to ensure the continuity of learning for children. It is also gratifying to see that everyone is sharing educational resources freely. In this same spirit, we’d like to share some ideas from past blog post...

25 Mar 2020

Here is an easy and proven guide for educators on how WriteReader can benefit your efforts in remote and home learning while the schools are closed.

home learning

Based on experience and positive feedback from teachers, parents and students, here are some of our most successful remote learning ideas for ear...

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