06 Jan 2020

When it comes to children’s writing using WriteReader, which of the following topics was the most popular in 2019? Pokemons, cats, cars ... or something else? Keep reading this blog post to find out, and to gain insight into popular and motivating topics in children’s early and digital writing.

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Writing with a Purpose in Mind
06 Dec 2019

One element that makes a piece of writing interesting is its authenticity. Students value having choice in writing and being able to be write about what matters to them. Topics may range from their pet puppy to concerns about the environment. But how do we help them to find authentic audiences to sh...

Gratitude Lesson Plan
15 Nov 2019

Expressing gratitude need not be limited to seasonal celebrations. We can show and feel gratitude every day. In fact, scientific research shows that people who are grateful are happier and healthier human beings.

As parents and educators, that’s exactly what we want for children too. We can help t...

14 Nov 2019

Over the past months, children around the world have created more than 6,000 books about their favorite clubs and players through our Fan Engagement solution for clubs.

fan engagement

The most exciting part for us is to see how children are becoming proud authors based on their passion. This helps children u...

30 Oct 2019

Alla lärare, pedagoger och elever i F-3 på Henån skola i Orust kommun genomförde i januari och februari ett projekt med lärandeverktyget WriteReader. Över 600 böcker skrevs och cirka hälften av dem blev utskrivna till en stor bokmässa på skolan. Booklets

Projektet varade i en 7-veckors period och var inde...

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