Senior Backend/API Developer

We are a tech start-up with an award-winning book-creation Web App for young elementary students. The Danish version is reaching 60% of the Danish public schools – with documented results of enhancing children’s learning. For 200 years schools have used basically the same methods to teach children to write and read. Still, every fifth child today is functionally illiterate. Our mission is to change that by offering motivating learning tools built on new tech and proven pedagogical principles. For the last two years, we have been a part of a unique Machine Learning project together with DTU and DPU about tracking early-stage literacy skills based on students writing.  Recently, we have created a setup in the US and started to work with one of the largest school districts in Maryland. 

About you

  • Based in Odense or Copenhagen
  • You are a skilled backend developer and a passionate coder that wants to have fun while taking part in changing the way our next generation learns. We imagine you can see yourself in many of these traits:
  • 3+ years of experience as a Backend Developer.
  • You make good decisions that support the maintenance of a codebase.
  • You write good, well-documented code.
  • You utilize relevant programming principles and patterns to ensure code quality (e.g. Programming Principles).
  • You have the ability and drive to learn new tech/tools when needed.
  • Experience with SQL.
  • Experience with (or knowledge of):
    • Development of RESTful services.
    • Continuous Integration.
    • Building products on a cloud platform.


  • You are positive and engage in finding good solutions with your colleagues.
  • You are focused on making the best experience for our end-users.
  • You are motivated by working on a product that aims to let kids succeed in life.
  • Proficient in written and spoken English.


The WriteReader Web App is 100% API-driven, meaning the frontend app and backend/API is completely separated and deployed/maintained separately. The following are important elements in our backend stack, but you do not necessarily need deep experience with every specific framework/service. The important thing is that you are bringing the experience that enables you to become skilled in this environment:

  • C# + .NET
  • Swagger (documenting APIs)
  • .NET Entity Framework
  • Amazon Web Services: Elastic Beanstalk, RDS, CloudFront, Lambda and more.
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • AppVeyor (Continuous Integration + deployment)
  • The backend role
  • Work closely together with the rest of the dev team.
  • Develop APIs for new features on our platform.
  • Integrate with DB and external services (login providers, image search, speech synthesis, etc.)
  • Maintain the backend part of our build/deploy setup.
  • Ensure scalability: optimizing code + DB, configure load-balancing, etc.
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