How Sesame Street and WriteReader are Empowering Students
22 Jun 2017

By Josefine Rosenkvist and Rabia Iqbal

The beloved characters from Sesame Street engage and motivate students. In a second grade class at Copenhagen International School, WriteReader has been used for students to become proud authors and publishers.

This spring, we were introduced to the web ba...

SUMMERTIME and the Writin’ is Easy
15 Jun 2017

Avoid summer slide and keep your students engaged in Reading and Writing during the summer!

Every summer is filled with stories--and WriteReader is making it easy for young children to write about them. Make this a summer of creativity, learning, and remembering good times through writing!

Get ...

22 May 2017

LIMITED OFFER: Get 15 months for the price of 12

Teachers and schools can now upgrade for unlimited print and download of student books for 15 months when paying for 12.

Upgrade Class

An upgrade enables teachers to print and download student books. Teachers can upgrade a class (35 student limit) for unlim...

08 May 2017

By Sharyn Kish, kindergarten teacher, Brunswick, Ohio@KinderKishkindergarder

WriteReader is an amazing digital tool that allows my Kindergarten students the ability to publish their own books!

How cool is that?! I cannot tell you how this tool has changed the enthusiasm and level of engagement of my c...

02 May 2017


If you’ve watched the news recently, you may have already been introduced to the newest member of Sesame Street, Julia. She is the first character featured on the show that has autism. For children with autism, having a character to identify with is very powerful.

WriteReader is grateful to...

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