22 Jan 2018

By Katie Gardner, @gardnerkb1, English as a second language teacher, Knollwood Elementary School, Salisbury, North Carolina, USALEGO and WriteReader

In my most recent project with my Kindergarten English as a Second Language Students, in which we used manipulatives to practice and learn literacy skills, WriteRead...

03 Jan 2018

By Erin Tucci, mother to a 1st grade student

My daughter started using WriteReader last school year, in her first-grade class. Now, a year later, she is still accessing her account and creating stories, even though her current teacher is not using the application. In the last few weeks, she's crea...

02 Jan 2018

Dear Teachers and Parents,

WriteReader hopes that everyone had a fantastic holiday season! Headed back to school can be hard after a vacation! Consider continuing the excitement of the holidays by using WriteReader in your classrooms and home to reflect on the best parts of vacation.

We hope...

Writing, Reading, Remembering
27 Dec 2017

On New Year’s Eve, there are many reflective speeches given by world leaders highlighting all the major events in their respective countries. The evening news always does a retrospective video montage of the year’s highs and lows; and radio stations and MTV also do a countdown of the year’s top song...

Fluency, Phonemes, and Fa-la-la-la-la
12 Dec 2017

There is no sweeter sound than that of children singing. It is so clear and pure. It can fill your heart with joy but also bring a tear to your eye. What better time of year to sing with children than at Christmas!

Connection between Singing and Reading Fluency
With WriteReader, you can create C...

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