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22 Oct 2017

The beauty of WriteReader is that can be used across the curriculum. No longer do we limit writing, reading, or technology to a set time block in our schedule. Children learn best when they are using writing for authentic purposes and making text-to-self, text-to-text, and text-to-world connection...

ContentShift Winner 2017
14 Oct 2017

At Frankfurt Book Fair the German Publishers and Booksellers Association Group announced WriteReader as winner of this years accelerator startup program.

Read the jury's argument for choosing WriteReader:

WriteReader revolitionises the way children are taught to read and write. The techology...

12 Sep 2017

By Vicki Den Ouden, Reading Intervention Teacher, Ellison Elementary School, Kelowna, BC, Canada

Take a minute and think back to when you were a primary school student. Did you feel proud of your printing? Did you love writing stories and show them proudly to your parents and teachers? cat

The answ...

How do Dutch Librarians Motivate Children to Become Proud Authors?
10 Aug 2017

The explanation is more simple that you might think. All you need is a device, the book authoring tool, WriteReader, and a selection of toys and a printer.

As a school holiday event the librarians Hiske Deinema and Harald Ebes from Amstelveen Library in Amsterdam invited 12 girls and 6 boys from...

ESL students make Writereader Fairy Tales Come to Life
11 Jul 2017

By Katie Gardner, ESL Teacher, Knollwood Elementary School, North Carolina

I just have to share how AWESOME it has been to use WriteReader.

My students loved creating books this year and I can see how much they progressed in their writing and reading skills with this app. We also used the web ba...

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