Filling the Gap for ELL Students
30 May 2018

Emily Francis, ESL teacher, W.M. Irvin Elementary School, Concord, North Carolina, USA

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As a first generation-immigrant, a former English language learner (ELL) and as an educator today, I’m astounded by how my two worlds are colliding. On one side of th...

29 May 2018

With the Google Classroom integration, new teachers using WriteReader can sign up and import classrooms. This makes it faster and easier for teachers to get started using WriteReader. Google Classroom login Students join existing classes automatically by clicking the Google Classroom button. They will see the classes wh...

17 May 2018


Children are naturally curious about the world. They love to dig up worms, build things, and count the stars. Fortunately, there is a movement in education called STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) to focus on those things that they are interested in. Does this mean that literacy teachi...

26 Apr 2018

poetry It has been said that “painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks.” (Plutarch) But is it possible for young children to paint a picture with words? Of course it is! Let’s begin by looking at a favorite poem of many teachers and students, which was written by Beatrice Schenk de Re...

Multiple Options: Six Ways to Use the Adult Writing Field in WriteReader
07 Apr 2018

We all love to have options, whether it’s in the color of our car or the entrees on a menu. Student voice and choice are important in education today, and it’s just as important for teachers and parents.

WriteReader provides multiple options for adults to support students’ writing. You can use the...

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