25 Feb 2018

How do you know which images motivate students to write the best stories? Probably by asking them!images of cars

As part of making a new image bank category about cars, we decided to interview 60 students from first to third grade to help us find the best images for story creation. They were able to provide u...

Faster, Higher, Stronger - Literacy & the Olympics
03 Feb 2018

Whenever the Olympics and Paralympics occur, there’s a lot of positive energy in many countries around the world. People are watching the Olympics at home, in schools, and in the community and being amazed by the power of sport. We’re in awe of people who have dedicated their life to being a world-c...

23 Jan 2018

We are excited to launch the new version of WriteReader which is based on the great feedback we have received from teachers around the world.
WriteReader book shelves Here are some of the new key features:

  • New redesign of WriteReader and improved user flow.

  • WriteReader will now work great with browsers (Chrome,...

22 Jan 2018

By Katie Gardner, @gardnerkb1, English as a second language teacher, Knollwood Elementary School, Salisbury, North Carolina, USALEGO and WriteReader

In my most recent project with my Kindergarten English as a Second Language Students, in which we used manipulatives to practice and learn literacy skills, WriteRead...

03 Jan 2018

By Erin Tucci, mother to a 1st grade student

My daughter started using WriteReader last school year, in her first-grade class. Now, a year later, she is still accessing her account and creating stories, even though her current teacher is not using the application. In the last few weeks, she's crea...

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