WriteReader Gives Refugee Children a Voice to Tell Their Stories
02 Dec 2018

By Sara Ipsen, Children's Club Coordinator at the Trampoline House community refugee center, Copenhagen, Denmark

“We have many kids with difficulties concentrating, and some of them find it difficult to sit still for longer than just a few minutes. With WriteReader, the kids have been engaged for...

Guided Writing with WriteReader
25 Nov 2018

When was the last time you learned a new skill? Perhaps you learned how to snowboard, edit videos, or bake a pie. Did you expect yourself to master it on the first try? No, of course not. It took time, patience, and practice. Hopefully, you also had an encouraging instructor or mentor.

And so it i...

Retelling and Constructing Content with Callouts
11 Nov 2018

This guest blog post was written by Katie Gardner. Katie is an ESL Kindergarten teacher from North Carolina, USA and is a WriteReader ambassador.

An important standard that we teach in our Kindergarten curriculum is, “With prompting and support, retell familiar stories including key details.” To p...

22 Oct 2018

We’ve extended our exciting partnership with Sesame Street by offering a collaborative lesson plan that integrates social-emotional learning with literacy instruction.

sesame street


Our new lesson plan incorporates the theme of kindness. There are many possible ways of teaching and learning wit...

New Story Sequence Image Bank
16 Oct 2018

There are many skills that students need when learning to communicate. One important skill for writers and readers is to learn to sequence words and ideas in a way that makes sense.

Why teach story sequence?

According to Reading Rockets, we must teach sequencing because:

  • It assists with comp...

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