29 Aug 2016

Among the promises from Education Technology resounding throughout the field these years, is the promise of adaptive, intelligent technologies helping teachers do their job better.

Adaptiveness is not magic. It is built into technologies step by step and "someone" decides, what counts as input in...

27 May 2016

Today my Special Monthly Synergy Club for K, 1st, and 2nd Graders at our school in North Carolina quickly learned how to use WriteReader.


They loved being able to select photos and write their own sentences. The nearly instant feedback with the teacher writing the correct version below made the...

14 May 2016

Library1 At a local library in a suburb of Copenhagen, children are now invited to use their WriteReader tool combined with various fanciful tableaux to write their books.

In collaboration with a set designer, the librarian has conceived and produced three different tableaux, which can inspire children to...

15 Mar 2016

Book fair project1 A small municipality in the middle of Denmark bought 3.000 Chromebooks to their students in 2015. As the newly purchased computers were to be implementedfor meaningful learning the municipality decided to kickstart a project where all primary schools pupils for a period of 3 weeks would produce the...

23 Jan 2016

The annual BETT Show in London is the world’s largest Educational Technology Fair, showcasing learning technologies of today and the future. Being present on all four days as an exhibitor at BETT 2016, I decided to investigate this year’s trends and new ideas compared to my visit here two years ago....

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