25 Oct 2016

Three Reasons to Implement Journaling

WriteReader is the easiest and most effective way for students’ ages three to nine to learn to read and write. It’s web-based so it can be used on any device, which is always a plus when implementing a learning tool in your classroom. Additionally, it is free for up to 35 students per class! If t...

17 Oct 2016

My students are blooming

I teach 2nd grade in Missouri. This is our first year going 1-1 with each student having a Chromebook. We've been looking for fun and new ways (and user friendly) for our kiddos to publish (besides Google Docs and Storybird).

We are LOVING WriteReader! I have students ask to use it in their fre...

03 Oct 2016

Research shows that motivation increases if students have a purpose for writing. At WriteReader, our vision is to enable kids to become creators and authors because real learning occurs when students are interested and engaged.

Every now and then we will publish a list of the top topics that kids...

12 Sep 2016

We love receiving feedback from teachers and it's great to see how kids are becoming creators and proud authors. Below is some feedback we received from a kindergarten teacher in Whittier near LA.

"My kindergarten students love using WriteReader! It's so easy to use and the children love taking p...

31 Aug 2016

Get your students started on writing and reading again with WriteReader’s literacy platform. We are currently offering free signup - so hurry up. Get inspiration with common core aligned lesson plans now.

Encourage your students to write and read in a new and engaging way. Let them express thei...

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