18 Feb 2017


As a Ph.D. student at the University of Copenhagen I have conducted research using WriteReader to investigate whether student invented spelling is an effective way to develop kindergarten children’s understanding of the alphabet and for them to develop their ability to segment words into phonemes....

15 Feb 2017


When students create books in WriteReader, they experience great joy and motivation by creating their own digital books. The motivation is further strengthened when students find that their books will be downloaded, printed and then shared with friends, family, or others who can benefit from readi...

12 Feb 2017


Student authored books would make a sweet gift for family and friends! Using WriteReader, pictures, audio, and text can be used to spread the love!

Here’s a quick list of ideas to use this Valentine’s Day:

  • You are my best friend because
  • I love you because
  • Things I love to do outside of s...
01 Feb 2017

By Kathy Harms, 1st grade teacher, Wake Robin Elementary, Bellevue Public SchoolsWrite to self and writers workshop I wanted to share a couple things that I do in the classroom with WriteReader. We currently do Daily 5 during our guided reading block. One of the tasks is “Write to Self”. During this time the students get to Journ...

31 Jan 2017

One of our favorite parts of bringing WriteReader into classrooms around the world is reading the books created by young authors.

Over a million books have been created in WriteReader! We did a little research and identified ten favorite topics K-5 students love to write about. What do you think...

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