02 Jun 2019

Ah, summer … the beach, camping, BBQ’s, and vacation! In the northern hemisphere, we’re wrapping up the school year and looking forward to a well-deserved break.

summer image bank writereader

We hope kids will be swimming, playing, and sleeping in. But we all know that after a few weeks or once the first rainy day comes alon...

Ready, Set, Play!
20 May 2019

Children can develop their social-emotional learning in the gym and on the playground, as well as in the classroom and at home. It’s important that they understand the elements of fair play, which requires respect, sportsmanship, and teamwork. This can be taught and modeled to children by coaches, r...

06 May 2019

What’s red and giggles? A sunburnt laughing hyena? No, Elmo! We’re excited to announce that we’ve just added another Sesame Street image bank to WriteReader and our featured character is Elmo. He’s funny, lovable, and full of life … the perfect inspiration for young authors.

sesame street image bank

Here’s some sugges...

Volunteers Improving Refugees' Vocabulary and Literacy Skills
04 May 2019

On the Monday after Easter, I visited Pia Sigmund and 10 year old Temesgen, who moved from Eritrea to Denmark 3 years ago. Pia is a volunteer and the chair of the charity organization 2 Hours a Week. This charity aims to support multilingual children linguistically, culturally, and socially in or...

How Fan Engagement can Motivate Children to Read and Write
30 Apr 2019

Over the past years, over two million books have been written by children all over the world using WriteReader. Our data has helped us to understand that it is the personal interests of the children which motivates them to learn and create. Children are not motivated by putting the ABC's in differen...

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