Multiple Options: Six Ways to Use the Adult Writing Field in WriteReader
07 Apr 2018

We all love to have options, whether it’s in the color of our car or the entrees on a menu. Student voice and choice are important in education today, and it’s just as important for teachers and parents.

WriteReader provides multiple options for adults to support students’ writing. You can use t...

06 Mar 2018

Are you looking for an innovative way to report on student progress? Well, look no further than WriteReader. There are so many ways for multimedia books to be a part of your students’ representations of learning.

Formative assessment
Formative assessment is when a teacher analyzes a range of stu...

Inspiration for meaningful writing activities
27 Feb 2018

Educators and parents who want to motivate and inspire kids with meaningful writing activities can find some interesting writing categories, questions, and prompts below.


Write a book about yourself and your characteristics/interests

  • Add facts like age, height, hair and eye co...
25 Feb 2018

How do you know which images motivate students to write the best stories? Probably by asking them!images of cars

As part of making a new image bank category about cars, we decided to interview 60 students from first to third grade to help us find the best images for story creation. They were able to provide u...

Faster, Higher, Stronger - Literacy & the Olympics
03 Feb 2018

Whenever the Olympics and Paralympics occur, there’s a lot of positive energy in many countries around the world. People are watching the Olympics at home, in schools, and in the community and being amazed by the power of sport. We’re in awe of people who have dedicated their life to being a wor...

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