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Feedback of WriteReader app by Primary Reading Specialist

This post is about a recent feedback we have received from a Primary Reading Specialist, Pam Weldon, M.Ed. after using WriteReader app with her students. We are very excited to share it with you all. WriteReader is a great resource to introduce process writing to young children (also my favorite)! My students love to use…

The next level of innovation – Kid’s Global Library on WriteReader app

At WriteReader, we are always listening to our users and we try to innovate with the aim of increasing children's motivation to read and write. For past 6 months we have been working hard on new features and will be launching a new Kid's Global Library soon. Imagine getting a book published under your child's…

“It’s an excellent app!” – Feedback from a School Teacher

This post is about a recent feedback that we have received from a School teacher at John Swett Elementary School, Martinez, CA about “Write to Read” app for kids. We were very glad to receive this and wanted to share with you all. Using the Write to Read app in my classroom has turned my…

App brings the written language into the family

  The reading crisis in many western countries is the result of a collective cognitive impairment, where we still treat written language as if it was a foreign language in an oral peasant culture. At the time, children could only learn how to read and write by being taught by itinerant ‘candidates’ or at school.…

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