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Google Classroom and WriteReader – Book Creation Made Easy

In order to make it easy for teachers and students to get started, we have integrated WriteReader with Google Classroom which helps teachers and students to get started with digital book creation in minutes.     Google Classroom integration   Educator sign up  Sign up through  and click on the Google Classroom option to…

Learning Math Through Creative Writing in Elementary School

Reading aloud math stories has been a well known and effective way to introduce abstract math problems to young children and to make math more relevant to their everyday lives. This blog post is all about how working with math stories in elementary school can be even more effective, meaningful and motivating by turning the…

Middle school remote learning with WriteReader

We are excited to see how teachers globally are working hard with remote learning in middle school and that WriteReader can play a part and make life easier for teachers in elementary as well as middle school. Here is some feedback we received from a middle school teacher and the way she is using WriteReader.…

Holiday Gift Book Creation

Every December, I loved helping my kindergartners plan & create homemade gifts for their families. We made handprint wreaths and salt dough ornaments with their

The Gift of Stories

In December 2018, we shared a blog post entitled “Light: an inclusive perspective on holiday traditions.” We’d like to revisit that idea this holiday season by looking at the word LIGHTS as an acrostic – Loving, Inspiring, Giving, Helping, Teaching, Stories. Stories are all these things and more.   Family Stories Stories are what is…

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