How Libraries can Support Children’s Authorship




At a local library in a suburb of Copenhagen, children are now invited to use their WriteReader tool combined with various fanciful tableaux to write their books.

In collaboration with a set designer, the librarian has conceived and produced three different tableaux, which can inspire children to write stories about, for example, space, castles, monsters, lions, dragons and witches.


Early age authors

With WriteReader children can take pictures of their scenarios and write stories on their current writing level.

Subsequently, an adult can “translate” the child’s writing attempts to conventional spelling. It gives children the opportunity to mirror their own writing in the adult writing and thereby learn important, written language elements.

When the stories are finished they can be printed as booklets. Children can take the booklets home or leave them at the library for other children to read. This enables the children to enjoy the gratification of becoming real authors at an early age.




Imagination sets the limit

Children, who do not have access to the library’s beautiful tableaux, can by small means achieve some of the same features. For example, they can draw or take pictures of inspirational backgrounds. A page from a picture book, a dollhouse or a LEGO-building also creates a great setting for good stories.

Children’s toy figures and teddy bears can be included as characters and help create action in the stories.

The possibilities are endless and the children’s motivation and learning outcome is great.


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